Not all burlap is manufactured equal.

When it comes to Burlap table linen and accessories, world wide it is trending big time! Burlap runners, burlap tablecloths, burlap sashes, burlap napkin ties. However, at Tablecloth Hire we recognise that not all burlap fabric is the same. As you will see in these images some fabrics are very roughly woven and others are tightly and neatly knitted.

Even the edging is very varied and different, some burlap fabrics are perfect for a wedding and others for a rustic country and western casual theme or harvest festival. Speak to one of our Tablecloth Hire stylists to get the perfect fabric, weave and texture for your event!

Tablecloth Hire now even offers burlap in various colours. This brings so many new colour possibilities and pairing possibilities to textured natural fabric table linen.