Cheesecloth may be familiar to you for its primary uses in cheese making. Removing the whey from cheese curds and to help hold the curds together as the cheese is formed. Gauze might mean a surgical dressing in your household.

However, these two fabrics have in fact become exceptionally popular Wedding and Event fabrics. They introduce a softness, genuineness and warmth to your wedding table decor. Both fabrics bring an incredible texture and authenticity to the table. At Tablecloth Hire we have cheesecloth and gauze fabrics in table runners, chair tie backs, chair sashes, napkins and bouquet wraps. These rustic, raw edged products are hand dyed and offer an unbelievable colour spectrum to select from.

Cheesecloth and Gauze pair beautifully with wood or white. But what’s the difference between the two ?

Cheesecloth is a loose-woven, gauze-like cotton cloth. It is a bleached, stiffened cotton woven fabric, which incorporates the best properties of cotton. Breathable, durable and form-resistant. It lends itself to dyeing and retains color fastness and brightness. Unpretentious in care with biological neutrality.

Gauze is a very light weight, open-weave fabric made of cotton. It is made either by a plain weave or by a leno weave.

The main differences between the two is in the finishing and in the quality of the fibre. Cheesecloth is thicker than gauze with a tighter weave.

Gauze is a thinner, more translucent fabric with a looser open weave. Our Tablecloth Hire stylists love using gauze for tie backs which are bunched together and knotted or woven in and out of a tiffany chair. However, cheesecloth in our opinion is generally a better runner as it has more form. Napkins in gauze are too rough on the lips, whereas cheesecloth is soft and perfect to the touch.

At Tablecloth Hire our cheesecloth and gauze table runners, napkins and tie backs are 100% natural cotton fabrics in a huge variety of colours.

Cant decide between the two ? Neither could we! So we stock both. Cheesecloth is definitely a bigger wedding seller but it usually comes down to the Bride and Groom’s texture preference. Many people identify with the cheesecloth texture, as it brings back memories of their muslin cloths as babies or children, but gauze is edgy and trendy.

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