We find it truly fascinating how the same colour can change so drastically from one medium to another.

It makes working with the infinite number of colours available both exciting for the many variation possibilities; but also a bit daunting when you’re trying to match a clients dream colour palette or mood board.

This doesn’t only differ in the many different fabric types in our range from Cheesecloth or Gauze; to Stonewashed Linen or Cotton; and Bridal Satin or Chiffon.

But also creates an intriguing challenge for us depending on how we photograph the product as well as what medium our clients are viewing them on.

Some in our control and others less so…

Interesting fact – every digital device or screen has a different colour calibration. So the same image can look different when viewed on different devices; for example a Blush Pink Cheesecloth Table Runner that we post on our website , can appear white on Jane’s iPhone; grey on Joe’s tablet; and even peach on Jamie’s laptop.

Without being able to calibrate the screens of every device this image is viewed on, we really cannot control how the colour of the image is seen digitally.

Colours also tend to appear differently depending on the material, i.e. Paper vs Natural Products (plants or food) or Wool vs Porcelain. Different materials absorb dyes or portray hues in different ways; not to mention the big part the texture of the material plays in the colours appearance.

A great example here is paint – the paint colour can differ immensely depending on various factors including the surface type; whether a base coat was applied or not; the number of coats painted; and even the lighting in the room or area.

A special thanks to the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2020, Classic Blue, for helping us with our blog post! 😃

Another thing to take into consideration when selecting a colour is the transparency of the material or fabric – a transparent material like Chiffon, Cheesecloth, Gauze, Lace, Organza or Net etc. will take on and mix with the colour in the background; sometimes perfect for the look and feel you’re going for, but other times annoying when you’re looking for that specific shade.

We know from experience, that it can be really frustrating to take the time to carefully select your colour fabric from a picture on a screen, only to find that when your order arrives, the colour looks completely different to how you envisioned it.

So what can you do about it? How can you ensure the colour you’ve selected for your napkins or tablecloths is exactly what you’re looking for and that everything matches?

There are two possible solutions to this conundrum…

If you’re stuck on that one perfect colour for your event – come and visit our Showroom rather and view our products in person. This is the best way to ensure the products you’re hiring from us are EXACTLY what you’re looking for. And if you’re not finding that perfect match from our in stock products, don’t fret – we offer custom order solutions! We have Colour Cards for all of our fabrics with 50 – 100 colour variations for each!