We love the wide range of uses Cotton Ribbon has – it is so versatile! We chose to go with a natural finish on our Cotton Ribbon with soft frayed edges which pairs beautifully with almost any theme or style. From Bohemian to Romantic; Elegant to Vintage; and Rustic to Whimsical!

But before we dive into all of the many ways you can use Cotton Ribbon, lets explore more about the source of this perfect finishing touch – the Cotton.

Cotton has been around for a VERY long time; the first evidence of it’s use dating back to about 6,000 B.C. (wow!)

It is cultivated around the world, but despite the geographic differences, cotton is prepared, spun and woven the same way everywhere amongst cotton farmers.

Cotton is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable, making it a great choice as an environmentally-friendly fibre.

All of the cotton plant is used, there is no waste. The fibre is the primary reason for growing cotton; but the seeds are used for animal feed and human use as well in cottonseed oil. The plant stalks are then tilled back into the soil after harvesting.

Many different fabrics are actually made from the cotton fibre, such as canvas, corduroy, denim and poplin. Even some unexpected fabrics with a very different feel are cotton based like velvet which is used for evening wear or table linen; terry cloth which is used for towels; and flannel which is used to make shirts and pyjamas. What differs is the style of weave and the thickness of the fibres.

Alright, now for the fun part – lets talk about how you can incorporate Cotton Ribbon into your wedding, event or stationery.

Napkin Accessory

Cotton Ribbon is the ideal napkin accessory for a softer finish to your table place setting; it can either be subtle with similar tones and colours; or statement with colour pops or contrasts.

Bridal Bouquet or Boutonniere Accessory

Cotton Ribbon is such a fun and clever way to incorporate your wedding colours into your bridal bouquet or grooms boutonniere; especially when the colour is difficult to mimic naturally in the selected flora OR you want to make your chosen colour really POP!

This of course can be followed through with your bridesmaids and groomsmen as well; even on your table centrepieces or the little sprig of lavender on your napkin.

Chair & Tie Back Accessory

There are so many possible uses for Cotton Ribbon on Chair Tie Backs & Chairs at both the wedding ceremony and reception!

  • a simple accessory to tie the fabric together in beautiful and creative ways
  • securing floral pieces to the chair tie back or chair itself
  • adding confetti cones on the side of each chair
  • hanging the “Mr & Mrs” or “I Do” signs on the back of the bridal couples reception chairs

Stationery & Gift Accessory

The finishing touch you’ve been looking for, for your:

  • save the date or invitation
  • gift wrapping or tag
  • wedding rings
  • flower girl basket
  • party or wedding favours

We have 10 striking colours in stock; which are sold in 5m rolls:

Between our in stock range and the 81 alternative colours available on request; we’re confident we’ll be able to match your colour palette!