Groom to be: “Have you chosen the colour scheme for our wedding my love ?”
Bride to be: “Yes I was thinking we keep it simple and go for pink and white”
Groom to be: “Thats a wonderful idea, well at least thats done then.”
Bride to be: “Not that simple love, now we need to agree on which pink…! I am trying to decide between these pinks …
Pink | Amaranth pink| Baby pink | Baker-Miller pink | Barbie pink | Blush pink | Bright pink | Brink pink | Cameo pink | Candy Pink | Carnation pink | Champagne pink | Charm pink | Cherry blossom pink | Chilean Pink | China pink | Congo pink | Coral pink | Cotton candy | Deep pink | Dusty pink | Fairy Tale | Fandango pink | Feather pink | French pink | Fuchsia pink | Hot pink | Lavender pink | Light deep pink | Light hot pink | Light pink | Mauve pink | Mexi pink | Mimi Pink | Mountbatten pink | New York pink | Nude pink | Orchid pink | Pale Dogwood | Pale pink | Paradise pink | Pastel pink |Persian pink | Piggy pink | Pink lace | Pink lavender | Pink panther | Queen pink | Rose pink | Rose Pompadour | Shocking pink | Silver pink | Solid pink | Spanish pink | Steel pink | Super pink | Tango pink | Tickle me pink | Ultra pink!” ?

Yes there are a multitude of shades and tints of pink and the shade is so important as there is nothing worse than Wedding decor which has badly matched shades of the same colour. There is also nothing better than finding your perfect colour for every element of your wedding linen.

The great news for Brides and Grooms is that at Tablecloth Hire with over 94 colour shades, 483 different fabrics and over 3030 different linen decor items for hire – we are pretty certain we’ll have your pink !

Here are a handful of different pinks in different fabrics, including Charmeuse satin, Bridal Satin, Shatung Satin, Lamour Matte Satin, Dupoini Linen, Dublin Linen, Vintage Linen, Chiffon, Glitz, Interstellar and Polyester. These demonstrate how the fabric effects the colour but take a look out our product site for so many more, find your favourite and post it here! We’d love to see what you love.

Join us and stand a chance to win your dream table linen to the value of CHF700!

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