In Switzerland it is really important to eat with the seasons. It is equally important to theme your event with the seasons. To hero fresh fruit and vegetables from that season in your menus, on your mood boards and in your table decorations. In every table scape we create, our team of stylists try to incorporate an element of freshness and an earthy authenticity, wherever the theme permits it.

In Switzerland the seasons are all so versatile, each with its own unique characteristics and colour palette. Autumn is a particularly special time of year and usually we would go with browns, rusts, coppers and oranges. However, this year we chose to do something a little different. Worldwide white and cream coloured pumpkins are trending. So we used white or cream pumpkins paired with sand coloured, stone washed linen, whilst incorporating some burlap and wood for a rustic, authentic look. The incredible thing about the pairing of a white pumpkin and this beautiful hand woven linen is that it creates an elegance whilst still keeping the look and feel authentic. We love the touches of the brown acorns, our new natural wooden serviette rings and the copper cutlery to add another level of sophistication to the rustic scene. In the one image you can see that the use of gold has been incorporated subtly on the rim of the glassware and the stem of the pumpkin. Make sure you choose only one metallic finish on your table scape. Either gold or copper and not both.

We are often asked, “how should we decorate our appero cocktail tables and buffet tables to be within theme?” The answer is to combine your hero element from your table scape and one or two other textured items. So for this theme here is our suggestion for a buffet table centre piece and the cocktail table centre piece.